Cozomo BETA is a new online photo blogging and album system perfect for displaying large volumes of photos. From travel to family albums, Cozomo organizes all your images into unique chronological layouts.

Public, Private and Shared Albums

Set up album permissions with Public, Private, 'Close Friends and Family', Hidden and Password Protected status - or share albums with specific people.

Beautiful Gridrow Photo Galleries

Albums and Posts

Cozomo is perfect for documenting your travels. Set up an album, like "Paris 2017," then fill your album with daily posts. Upload as you go, or dump a vacations worth of images all at once, Cozomo will neatly arrange your images into chronological posts within the album.

Sync and Import your Media

Sync your Cozomo photo albums with your Dropbox account, and import images from Dropbox, Instagram and Facebook. When uploading media, simply select the service you wish to import from, and everything else happens seamlessly.

Document your life!

Record life's events as you live them with Cozomo - a new journaling and photo blogging platform. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Cozomo's unique interface makes photo blogging easy.

Native Applications Coming Soon!

While Cozomo works great on mobile browsers right now, we'll soon be developing native iOS and Android apps for a more integrated experience on the go.