Tell a story with your photos

Cozomo - Document your life!

You take lots of photos - put them somewhere cool! Record life's events as you live them with Cozomo - a new journaling and photo blogging platform. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Cozomo's unique interface makes photo blogging easy. Give it a try!

Set Up Event Albums

All posts in Cozomo are organized into Event Albums. You can use the default "Private Timeline" and "Public Timeline" albums, or, you can set up your own custom albums. Maybe it's a vacation, like "Trip to Paris". From there, all your posts are neatly organized in chronological events within the album.

Fill Your Album With Posts

Now that you have your Event Album set up - you're ready to fill it up with memories. Create new posts or edit existing posts. Posts can contain text and/or photos. Create as many posts as your like for each album - Cozomo will keep track of it all.

Event Album Layout

All Album Posts are neatly organized into chronological events, with Date, Title, Info and Media. Posts can be liked and commented on and all posted media can be enlarged to explore in more detail.

Profile Timeline

All your posts appear on your main Profile Timeline in a vertical grid style layout and include photo and info previews. Clicking the post preview launches the album viewer to explore the posts in more detail.

Native Applications Coming Soon!

While Cozomo works great on mobile browsers right now, we'll soon be developing native iOS and Android apps for a more integrated experience on the go.